animoto-videosWhether you are looking for a unique way to share your photographs, or would like to create a short video for your business, Animoto has the tools you need. Videos like the one above are as easy as a few clicks and take only minutes to create. This is good news to non tech savvy people, who look at programs such as Adobe After Effects and give up before trying. Not to mention the high cost of such programs that can create professional quality videos.

Animoto offers the average Joe, a chance to create above average videos. These videos can be used on your website, for promoting your business online on youtube and more. Of course it is free to create a 30 second video with Animoto, but after trying it out, you may find that you need more time and options. This is why Animoto also offers pro accounts, as low as $5 per month.

The only drawback is the animoto branding, which is seen at the end of each video. In order to remove branding and unlock all options, you can try the upgraded developers account, which is perfect for web designers like me. I can create an unlimited number of unbranded videos for myself and my clients. It costs more per month, but in my opinion is well worth it. As long as your client wants something sinple, yet professional in quality, animoto is a great choice. However,  nothing beats Adobe products for the more complex video projects, in my opinion. Not sure if Animoto suits your needs? Try it out!