Home page sliders are becoming more popular these days and rightfully so. Sliders add a fresh look, advertise your services, display latest posts and more. Wordpress is also growing in popularity, becoming one of the most widely used content management systems on earth and very popular with web designers.

So naturally, we need to look at the Best WordPress Sliders and the options that are currently available, as of September 2012. We have put together a list of the top wordpress sliders (in our opinion). Most of them are absolutely free and for the most part awesome sliders. Our choices were based on ease of use, appearance and functionality of the sliders. We have included links for more information and for download, as well as our own personal review for what it’s worth.

#4 Piecemaker 2 3d WordPress Slider (Free)

Piecmaker 2 is a popular 3d flash image slider, that is just one of the projects by ModularWeb. Modularweb has released the image slider, under the MIT license which means you can use the piecemaker files for just about anything. This includes commercial projects and even for use in templates that you may create.

The Positives

This image slider scores high in appearance and to be honest, is just plain cool. Your images are sliced into pieces (a number chosen by you) and rotated as a transition into the next image. The flash slider provides a really nice effect to any wordpress website. You can also create multiple slideshows with piecemaker 2 for wordpress. This is an option that many other slideshows lack, but can be really handy when you want to get creative on other pages besides the home page.

The Drawbacks

The drawbacks with piecemaker 2 for wordpress is that it’s set up and use is not as easy as many other sliders. The slider plugin in the wordpress repository only has a rating of three stars. This is mostly due to the many people who have tried and failed to get this slider to function properly. However, it is not necessarily the plugin’s fault. First and most importantly, this plugin cannot be installed automatically, via wordpress admin. You have to upload the files using ftp and then activate through your administration area. Secondly, (and possibly the final nail in the coffin for some) if you don’t have your setting just right, the slideshow looks and acts weird.   When I first installed this plugin, I was instantly disappointed when it did not look as I had hoped. However, I failed to do somethig that most men do..Read the instructions. Modularweb has documentation on their site that clearly spells out exactly how your setting should be, in order to achieve the desired effects. So, save yourself the trouble and download the documentation.

The Conclusion

Piercemaker 2 is an outstanding option for anyone who wishes to have a unique look to their website and is willing to take a few extra steps to do so. The low ratings this plugin receives are undeserved in my opinion and the end result of using this plugin is worth the effort.

#3 Recent Posts Slider (Free)

Recent Posts Slider does just what the name implies. It will show your latest posts, in a slider that you can place on your homepage, or anywhere else using a shortcode. This slider can show post image, exerpt or both. The plugin is easily installed through your administration area and is equally easy to use. (continued on page 2)