WordPress 3.8 Update – The Most Beautiful Update Yet?

WordPress has released it’s newest and perhaps most beautiful update in recent years. I spent the day getting familiar with the newest update and have been nothing but impressed. Unlike countless minor updates in the past, WordPress has made a bold step forward and made what many would consider the best website platform on earth..Even better.
The first thing you notice about the newest update, is that things look better. New styling to the administration area of WordPress powered websites has been long overdue. The new dashboard offers bold and modern new styling. It is much easier on the eyes and offers a wider variety of color choices. Many plugins have been written in an attempt to “makeover” the otherwise bland administration area of WordPress. You don’t need those anymore. And the best part? It’s responsive.

The most exciting new feature of the 3.8 update, is the mobile friendliness that it provides. This makes updating your website even easier. Now you can easily update from your tablet, or even your phone. WordPress has made things easy to use and navigate. All the while, making any website powered by WordPress, more useful and valuable to the average website owner.

The new update also includes a fresh new magazine theme, to replace the latest “Twenty Thirteen” theme that comes with each WordPress installation.

WordPress has long been the best choice for content management and it is no accident that it has become so widely used by both professional web designers and self starters alike.

The possibilities are almost limitless with WordPress and it has been a favorite with search engines like Google for many years. Based on the latest update, we will have much more to be excited about, for many more years.