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For those of you who may be using PrestaShop for the first time and are anxious to get things going, you may have wondered How To Add Size Choices to PrestaShop. The above video gives you a quick walk through on how to do just that.

After logging in to your new prestashop website, simply follow these steps:

  • Hover over Catalog and choose “Attributes and Values”
  • Choose Add New Attribute
  • Enter the name of your attribute (Colors, Sizes etc.)
  • Save The Attribute

Now you need to add values to the new attribute that you have created. To do this, simply click the green “Add New Value” button and enter your first value (Blue, Black,etc.) Now you will be able to add these products by going to your product edit screen and choosing “Combinations” on the menu to the left. Click the combinations generator button.

Now you should see the values you have created on the left hand side of screen. Choose the value that you want to add (hold control to choose more than one) enter the requested info on the right hand side and then click “Generate These Combinations”.

Thats it! Your new sizes or colors should now appear on that products page.