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How To Password Protect WordPress Pages and Posts

Ever so often, someone asks me how protect certain website pages with a password. It may be a page with employee only information, or anything else that you wish to keep private and protected with a password. Luckily, WordPress has this built in functionality and it is very easy to do.

Password Protecting WordPress Pages

Wordpress Password Protect Feature

WordPress Password Protect Feature

  1. To find the password protect option, you will need to look under “Publish” in the right column of your edit screen.
  2. Beside the “visibility” option, you will see an edit link. After clicking the edit link, more options will expand, revealing the password protect feature.
  3. After choosing that option, simply use the field provided, to set your password.
  4. Click the publish button when done.

You are all set! That page or post is no longer accessible, unless the password that you created is used. This is great for documents or information that you want to make available online for employees, but not for the general public.

Some website owners may want to create multiple passwords for their pages, so that everyone doesn’t share one universal password. Unfortunately when using the built in password functionality, everyone will have to share the same password.

Luckily, there are few plugins out there, that add a number of options, when protecting your pages with a password.  A quick search in the  WordPress Plugins Directory, should provide all the options you may need.