One of the most commonly asked questions about Prestashop, is how to add or remove featured products from home page. Often when we design a website using Prestashop, we will automatically feature a few products on the home page. Changing or removing these is a very simple process and takes only a few seconds. Don’t feel like reading? The video above demonstrates how to do it.

1) Login to your administration area and go to the product you would like to add (or remove)

2) Navigate to “associations” on the left hand column. Look for the “asscociated categories” check boxes above product info.

3) Check “Home” category to feature the product. Uncheck to remove.

That’s It! The most confusing thing about this is the fact that “Home” category does not appear under categories, when you navigate to that section from administration. it only appears when editing a product’s associations. Hopefully this short article and video has helped you to add featured products. If not, please let us know.